TV shows

DECART has substantial experience in the organization of SMS games and interactive TV game series, as well as in the management of the technological process of their co-production and production. Several successful TV games projects were developed with the MELIORA™ Platform, together with our partners in different countries.
In this line we are able to provide:
  • Know-how in the field of organizing and conducting lottery and number games, TV and phone entertainment games
  • Software solutions development and deployment
  • TV games local and remote hardware platforms deployment
  • Experience in the integration with billing systems of mobile operators
  • Extensive international experience working with large media and telecom companies in Europe and Asia
For our SMS games and interactive TV games projects we use MELIORA Mobile - a highly sophisticated platform for mobile gaming and digital services.

MELIORA Mobile based TV games

Dancing with the stars (VTV 2012)

Dancing with the Stars is the name of several international television series based on the format of the British TV series Strictly Come Dancing, which is distributed by BBC Worldwide – the commercial arm of the BBC. Currently the format has been licensed to over 35 countries.

Just the two of us (VTV 2011)
JUST THE TWO OF US is one of the most successful formats of BBC One. Eight celebrities team up with professional singers and sing each night in duets. They are judged by a panel of industry experts and with the advance of the show – voted out or saved by the TV audience with SMS voting. MELIORA mobile was chosen as the platform for this huge show and performed brilliantly during the whole campaign. Millions watched the show evolve and voted in the show, making it the most successful SMS game show in the history of the Vietnam TV.

Singing TV Star (HTV 2011)
Ngoi Sao is one of the most favourite Vietnamese singing competitions for young talents. The show has span almost two decades and is loved by a wide range of TV viewers. MELIORA mobile started servicing the SMS voting in SINGING TV STAR as one of the first shows in the portfolio of our partners from CAT TIEN SA. MELIORA was adapted easily to the requirements of the Vietnamese market, local regulations and mobile operators’ requirements. 

Uninterruptible, error-free operation and smooth load-handling were demonstrated to the local market and industry and quickly made a name of MELIORA mobile as a leading-edge SMS platform.

Golden Album (HTV 2011)

GOLDEN ALBUM is one of the most loved Vietnamese music shows. This is the countries album top 10 chart, as the top hits are performed live by famous Vietnamese pop and rock stars. 
The show was a ground for MELIORA mobile to show its functionalities and extensive capabilities by servicing viewers’ SMS votes for the most popular contemporary hits, loved by everyone. 
MELIORA proved once again that it is setting the standards in SMS TV games and can proudly be pronounced the leading-edge state-of-the-art mobile communications platform world-wide.