Services & Support

Decart Ltd. relies on teams consisting of highly experienced professionals not only in regards to the creation of our products but also for the support services that we offer. We can provide a pool of services on our hardware products and software solutions via the Maintenance & Support system. Those services include remote as well as on-site assistance.

  1. System Administration

System administration department ensures seamless functionality of our customers’ IT infrastructure. We provide services for administrating work stations, server configurations, implementation of new hardware and functionalities, diagnostics, networking. Most up-to-date standards in IT security are put into practice to prevent information vulnerability, and overall security of our clients’ systems. Timely reactions and efficiency are guaranteed by the experience and professional attitude of System Administration.

  1.  Help Desk

Our “Help Desk” Department is the first level of support. We have a team composed of professionally prepared operators who follow strict procedures. The mission is to provide timely and effective support on a variety of cases:

  • Technical services:
    • Remote diagnostics of software and hardware issues;
    • Troubleshoot of connectivity and communication problems;
    • Assisting customer with precise instructions for operating the software products and overcome problems;
  • Consultancy & Information Services
    • Assisting with the provision of information to end-users and partners of our customers;
    • Assisting with instructions and procedures;
    • Consulting on financial procedures and issues with financial claims;
  1. Game Support

Our second line of support is the “Game Support”. The department provides services that aid our customers’ operations and the overall development of their product.

    • Management of hardware and software environment of a system for online betting;
    • “Game Support” monitors the whole system, including all its components to ensure seamless functionality;
    • Monitoring and management of the betting process;
    • Monitoring and support on financial transactions;
    • Preparation of various reports;
    • Support on optimization efforts;


  • Implementation and testing on products
    • Execute all necessary actions for testing and implementation of new software products;
    • Aids the integration of new hardware products;

 “Game Support” team consists of experienced specialists who are well prepared for providing adequate and professional support. All actions are conducted under strict procedures. This department is an essential part of our clients’ operations and provides quality services that enable the optimization of our customers’ business processes.

  1. Technicians

Our Support strategy is represented by a network of technical service centers across Bulgaria – based in 9 of the largest cities. The biggest center is located in Decart Ltd. headquarters in Sofia. We provide on-site services of hardware infrastructure, server configurations, laptops, monitors, printers, casino equipment (slots, roulettes, bingo machines) as well as software issues.

We have created a “HOT LINE” that triggers alerts for our experienced technicians. An online ticket system is also present to our customers as means for logging problems. The system keeps historic data on issues for each client. We offer free-of-charge transportation, shall any additional services are needed.

Currently we support “Eurofootball” bookmaker network, “Eurobet” network and many casinos in Bulgaria.

Timely and high quality maintenance is provided by our procedures, skilled technicians, strict organization and the vast experience that Decart has accumulated through the years.