Instant Games

Instant Games (Scratch-offs) are gaining huge popularity as a revenue generator for the lottery operators. DECART is a proven expert on the instant games market. Having deep knowledge in game design, warehousing, distribution, game promotion and accounting, we are offering end-to-end Instant games, concepts, and solutions. 
DECART’s innovative technologies and experts are performing constant analysis of the scratch-off global performance trends from game launch through the entire life-cycle. We are creating tailored games for different markets and customized marketing plans, integrated with various sales channels. Dedicated TV shows with exciting content are designed to boost sales and entertain players in various regions.

DECART is the right partner for your Instant game operation. Our team has great expertise in the following areas:
•    Legal & Market research;
•    Market assessment and player profiling;
•    Product concept, incl. game roadmaps;
•    Tickets design & Payout table;
•    Tickets printing and sales management.
Years of experience with scratch-off sales and management resulted in a technology improved to perfection.
DECART’s innovative solutions and terminals for instant games management are versatile tools for all day-to-day control activities:
•    Tickets pre-print design;
•    Instant Game mathematics;
•    Tickets print-out and testing;
•    Tickets warehouse inventory tracking;
•    Scratch tickets movement across the retail network;
•    Sales tracking;
•    Winnings validation and payments control;
•    All needed reports for easier decision making;
•    Market feedback.