Casino Managеment



CGI IMPERIUM Ticketing (TITO) module reduces the cash transactions in the casinos. This module allows coins and banknotes flow to be replaced by casino tickets, that can be inserted into any connected machine or redeemed for cash at the cashier stations.

By using such tickets players can switch between slot machines quickly, without attendant need. Additional benefits from the tickets are the promotions that can be offered for the players through the Ticketing module. Promotional tickets are an efficient tool for marketing and player excitement. They are awarded to new players and can be either cashable or not.



  • Allows extra benefits and promotions to be offered to the players
  • Easier player movement from one machine to another
  • Eliminates unwanted game interruptions for refills and attendant paid jackpots
  • Cuts operating costs through automation of cash in/out
  • Increased player activity time
  • Promotional tickets supported
  • Allows redemption on Ticket redemption Machines