Sic Bo

DECART'S e-Sic Bo automated system is designed to provide a unique gaming experience, while keeping the basics of the traditional Sic Bo (Tai Sai) game. Powered by innovative technology and keeping wide range of betting options, the system offers fast action and excitement for the players. The system allows the player to interact with the game through variety of terminal configurations in single table or stadium format, customized to the operator’s needs.


  • High usability and low maintenance
  • Touch-screen bet placing and game control
  • Full automated, or live dealer Sic Bo game
  • Mystery and Progressive jackpots
  • Dramatic reduction in operating errors and player disputes
  • Electronic dice outcome recognition
  • Configurable game odds
  • Increased game frequency
  • Comprehensive game history and statistics
  • Player card (RFID) and TITO ready