"E-Roulette" is DECART's reliable gaming equipment with proven quality and high security. This system allows players to interact with the game through a variety of terminal configurations - as a single playing table or in a stadium format, depending on the casino's needs. With its user-friendly interface e-Roulette offers all the traditional features of the Roulette game and the well-known classical betting options. The players have access to all the needed game statistics.


  • User-friendly using a touch-screen control;
  • Fast and fully automated game;
  • Various control options - by an administrator/dealer, automated or virtual game;
  • Winning numbers indicator;
  • Mystery Jackpot;
  • Minimum and Maximum bet levels;
  • Automated payouts and winning numbers visualization;
  • Bet timing indicator;
  • Information display with winning numbers info;
  • Easy and convenient reports;
  • Full game history.