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Redemption Machines

Redemption Machines
DECART is offering a range of Tickets and Cashless Redemption Machines to enhance the functionality of CGI IMPERIUM modules.
IMPERIUM has integrated VNE’s self-service redemption machines, that players can use to cash in-out barcoded casino tickets. The machines are designed to handle money, tickets and cards inside casinos and gaming halls. The machines can payout tickets in banknotes and coins, as well as accepting banknotes in order to dispense tickets, and in addition they can top-up and pay-out credit from player cards in banknotes or coins. By using the machines, casino players are able to manage their funds and cash-out winnings, without waiting in long lines for the cashier. These types of machines are becoming the worldwide standard for casino customers, providing easier cash management, increased privacy and time saving for the slot machines players. IMPERIUM’s fully automated cash redemption machines help casino management reduce costs, increase security and to minimize the threat of fraud.
The machines are linked to the IMPERIUM system to provide players with various cash management services, including ticket redemption, bills and coin validation and ATM functionality. The Redemption machines can also be used to break down notes into smaller denominations. The parameters for all changes and redemption transactions can be individually set by the casino management.
Additional commission for the transactions can be set as well.