e-Poker is a cost saving, fully automated electronic Poker table. The system includes software for the most popular game variations: Texas Hold’ Em, Omaha and Omaha  High/ Low Poker. E-Poker completely eliminates all the costs and mistakes caused by humans, as no dealer is needed to operate the game. The players are using animated poker chips and cards on touch-sensitive screen to play. RFID player cards allow cashless in/out game transactions and easier movement between tables connected with one server. Tournament or cash game modes are easily configurable by the cardroom management. E-Poker will attract players, boost player excitement, reduce operational costs and increase Poker game revenue.


  • Eliminated mistakes and dealer errors
  • Reduced costs from chips, cards and labor
  • Full game history and statistics for games and players
  • Automatic chip counting and card dealing
  • Accelerated game speed
  • Cashless gaming
  • No dealer tipping (tips stay in the game)



  • Single & multi-table tournaments
  • Fully configurable player response time
  • Configurable rake
  • 100% operator configurable game
  • Loyalty Points System (LPS)


  • Jackpots (Mystery Jackpot; Bad Beat(Progressive) Jackpot)
  • Table and Multi-site Jackpot
  • Rabbit Hunting option
  • Game, Pot and Blind limits
  • PIN protected player accounts
  • 24/7 non-stop operation
  • No dealer mistakes