Casino Managеment



CGI IMPERIUM Jackpots module can generate various types of jackpots, to boost player excitement. Mystery, Progressive or Time based jackpots can link thousands of machines or different banks or group of machines, with centralized control. The managers can set wide range of parameters for the Jackpot start up volume, percentage from the bet allocated, time, required number of players, Jackpot limit, the minimum and maximum value triggers. All Jackpots can be blocked or activated on demand, participating machines can be blocked or activated as well. The module allows Jackpot history with exact time, machine and value to be shown to the players in order to increase their attention.



Mystery Jackpots

CGI IMPERIUM can connect different machine types with different games and denomination in Mystery Jackpots. These Jackpots are system controlled (the system is following the setup jackpot triggers) and triggers the Jackpot when certain criteria are met. Mystery Jackpots are random in value within the set limits.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots can be triggered by a certain winning combination, predefined within the slot machine. These types of Jackpots require machines to have the same software. The jackpot is event based, and requires winning combination of symbols to be hit on one of the connected machines.

Time Based Jackpot

Time based Jackpots are used for promotional purposes and can be triggered only within a certain time frame. The jackpot is determined by the system server with trigger time. This is a type of Mystery Jackpot, used to attract crowd in the casino at a certain time of the day (Happy Hour).

Multi- Site Jackpots

CGI Imperium has multi-site option. By using this option, Casino management can link the Jackpots accumulated in several locations, and  create Global (Wide area) Jackpot that unites the machines in several remote distance locations, under one Jackpot server. (This type of Jackpot requires secure internet connection from more than one supplier, in order to secure the service).

Jackpot Visualizations

DECART is offering wide range of Jackpot themes and HD animations to satisfy any taste. CGI IMPERIUM allows the casino to use its own designed theme to make the Jackpot even more attractive. On demand, DECART can offer Jackpot signs as well.


  • Local or wide area Mystery, Time based and Progressive Jackpots
  • Jackpots with operator configurable triggers and levels
  • Configurable minimum and maximum JP values.
  • Unlimited levels of Jackpots (up to 7 levels visualization)
  • Notifies casino staff of Jackpot hits
  • Customized Jackpot signs and animations
  • Multi-site Jackpot control and reporting