3 in 1

3 in 1 product is a server-based solution that combines three once separate casino games under a high-technology innovation. The system consists of classical Baccarat, Roulette and Sic Bo automatic or dealer operated games, connected to electronic betting terminals for simultaneous play. Up to 520 Betting terminals in stadium formation are connected to dealer centers or automated game machines to provide hybrid multigame environment with faster game. Players can play the three games simultaneously or to switch between the games in-running. Ticketing option is available for the players for easier movement between terminals and cash out. 3 in 1 player terminals are fully customizable and suitable for both stadium-style and smaller environment configurations.

Key Features:

  • Baccarat, Roulette and Sic Bo games available
  • Live dealer operated and/or electronic game play
  • 3 player-selectable games at single terminal
  • Touch screen game control
  • Management Reports and Player Statistics
  • Bill acceptor and ticket payments
  • Various game statistics and visualizations
  • Fully customizable