Casino Managеment



CGI IMPERIUM Casino Management System offers cashless in/out payments on the slot machines via the use of a special RFID player card. By implementing the module casinos are able to cut costs, by offering the players the use of plastic cards as electronic wallets, instead of using coins, bills or tickets. The module is using card reader and display installed in the machine cabinet, to process card information and communicate with the player. Money is converted to electronic credit, that is easier to be transferred from card to machine and back. Credit available on the plastic cards can be easily redeemed at cash desk or Cashless Redemption Terminal. Data about all transactions are stored on the system server and can be used for analytics and financial reporting. This data can also be used to bonus the players within or outside promotional or loyalty programs.


  • Eliminates coin, bill and ticket transactions
  • Decreases operating and maintenance costs
  • Individual PIN code protected player RFID cards
  • Increased security and multisite customer service
  • Easier Jackpot and pay-out payments
  • Increased player safety and comfort
  • Several cards available per single account
  • Additional promotional options on cashless displays

Requirements for Cashless Module Integrations:

  • Machines to have AFT (SAS 6.02)
  • Possible with EFT (SAS 5.00)
DECART has a solution to install card reader and display to any machine