DECART’S Electronic multiplayer e-Baccarat system is a top tier product, designed to increase fun and excitement from а fast-paced game. Available in single table or stadium terminals format, the system allows big number of player terminals to be connected with live dealer operated or automated Baccarat games. The system can be connected with our Roulette or Sic Bo systems, allowing players to enjoy several games simultaneously without changing their seats. The system is designed to significantly accelerate the game speed and to eliminate human errors with dealing or chip counting. E-Baccarat is fully adaptable to casino’s policy and local player habits. 

System Features:

The system comes with the following gameplay options:

  • Live dealer operated Baccarat table (Real cards and live game at electronic speed)
  • Fully electronic Baccarat table with animated cards dealing
  • Switchable live dealer or fully electronic
  • Switchable Baccarat/ Black Jack option
  • Multi-table game selection on request



  • Touch-screen betting and game control
  • Real time video from the dealer’s actions from two angles
  • Single Table or betting terminals in stadium formation
  • Up to 256 terminals connected to one server
  • Cash In/Out with casino tickets or cashier
  • Various options for terminals design and customizations


E-Baccarat Highlights:

  • Precise Card Recognition System with superb accuracy (Live dealer version)
  • Reduced costs for player service (reduced costs for chips, cards and labor)
  • Full game history and statistics
  • Electronic betting / automated chip handling
  • Extendable to remote gaming terminals or online play
  • Flexible commission rate for Banker win
  • Onscreen game statistics with game results information
  • Electronic game statistics